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Andrea Miller

By 22nd of March 2009The Teams

Andrea Miller hails from the vast wilderness of Canadia. After expressing a dislike for ice sports and maple syrup, and pure derision for the Canada goose, she was ejected from her former homeland. While roaming the wilderness she caught sound of Radio 4, started swimming in that direction, and never looked back.

Prior to her excommunication, Andrea lived in the world of print, and was the oldest-ever Editor-in-Chief of MacMedia Magazine at York University, where she alternately had and caused nervous breakdowns, fiddled with commas, and Photoshopped things into other things. She is a now-irregular contributor to online publication Gadzooks!, and has also worked in a chicken slaughterhouse, bus depot and the secret underground mall in downtown Toronto.

She also plays guitar and sings with such beauteous tones that her nextdoor neighbour has raved, “I can hear you through the wall.”

Listen to Andrea’s audio biography: