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Albert Hillen

By 3rd of March 2014The Teams

My name is Albert Hillen and I’m a MARP.  I got my first taste of radio at Queen’s University Belfast, hosting a late night music show on Queens Radio and, as the years progressed, became more involved with station management as Programme Controller. It was not until I left Belfast, however, that I realised how much I missed it and that what I wanted to do most in the world was work in radio.

Since then I’ve become a full time Masters Radio Production student here at Bournemouth University, where my interests and horizons have broadened to include speech and drama alongside music programming. Since starting the course I have been experimenting with different types of audio from recording live music, to drama, to one not very well thought through adventure where I attached microphones to my dogs head.

When I’m not working I like to walk in ever decreasing circles.