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Bei Zhao

By 18th of March 2008The Teams

My passion for radio began when I was still at high school, I would find myself doing course work while listening to the radio. That was when I became curious about my own addiction to the sound of radio. Since then I have always wanted to work, in some way, in this uniquely creative medium. I am originally from China; I came to this country one rainy day six years ago. It always seems to rain in Britain, thank goodness for radio. One of the advantages of my early addiction was that listening to radio has vastly improved my English skills. As an undergraduate, I studied Media and Communications at Goldsmiths University. The course truly opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of radio when I chose radio production as my practical option. I absolutely loved the course, so much so that I subsequently decided to do a Masters degree on radio production. And here I am on the BIRSt team. In China, when I was 21, I did a summer placement at the Shan Xi Province 102.6 FM Music Radio Station, which cemented my passion for radio. I like to think of radio as a means to connect presenters and listeners, and since the advent of Internet Broadcasting, the connection can be made from every corner of the world. It’s a further opportunity to explore radio’s endless possibilities. For me, Radio is not just about a disembodied voice emanating from speakers or headphones. There is something special about radio, from live broadcast to podcasting, drama to documentary, old news, in the form of historical programmes, to new news and current affairs, all of this excites me. I particularly enjoy the process of making radio, especially post-production and its creative possibilities. This is where I think I excel, as I have always enjoyed the journey of learning.

Thank you for reading my profile, and keep checking my work.