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Paul Kwaterski Showreel

By 19th of March 20092009

My fifteen-minute show-reel consists of five excerpts taken from a total of four radio features I have produced this term.  Represented are two beginnings, a middle and two endings, in that order.  These are as follows: 

  • Opening two minutes (approx) taken from The Cornered Tiger’s Roar:  A fifteen minute news/current events feature focusing on the Sri Lankan Civil War, scripted by myself and read by the esteemed radio producer Piers Plowright.
  • Opening five minutes (approx) taken from A Very Chemical Tuesday:  A fifteen-minute experimental narrative piece written and voiced by myself, detailing an LSD experience and utilising extensive actuality recording and self-constructed sound effects.
  • Two minutes (approx) taken from Carl Munhawa’s Pencil Power:  A five-minute talking-head feature in which the Arts Institute student reflects upon his work as an illustrator, with reference to his influences and favoured creative methods.
  • Three minutes (approx) taken from The Seeds of Capoeira:  A twenty-minute documentary feature in two parts; based around interviews conducted at length with Beatriz Viana Rosa, in which the capoeira ‘professora’ discusses her life and practice of the Afro-Brazilian martial art.
  • Closing three minutes (approx) of The Cornered Tiger’s Roar.